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Your time, well spent, making valuable profitable connections!

Two years ago, Michael Whitehouse attended a networking event that revolutionized his network, his business, and his life.

Only later would he realize that the event was not what he thought. It was not built to create such results, and he only gained what he did because of his 10 years of intensive study of the art of networking.

Ever since, he has dreamed of creating the event he thought he attended, and giving every single person the opportunity to get the incredible results he did.

JV Connect is that event...

A dedicated networking event with no high ticket offer being made and powerful opportunities for valuable connections for attendees at all levels of business.

Your Early Bird opportunity

The day-of ticket price for this event will be $150, but you can get your ticket right now for this special Early Bird Rate.

So much in online business is last minute, but important events are scheduled far in advance, and the best people plan ahead.

We want people at JV Connect who commit and show up, and that's why we're offering substantial discounts to those who register in advance.

The Details

The event will run December 12th and 13th for the general business public. The hours are 11 to 6 Eastern Time. (We may add some bonus after hours programming as well)

During each day, there will be a series of breakouts explicitly designed to create connections among attendees specifically for the purpose of creating JV opportunities including but not limited to freebie swaps, webinar swaps, giveaways, bundles, summits, launches, and more.

The goal for the event is that established entrepreneurs will be able to find at least 10 partners throughout the event, and that newer entrepreneurs who do not yet have proven programs will make at least 5 connections to people who can help them get to the next step of their business, whatever that is for them.

There is no high ticket offer being made at this event. This is not an enrollment event. The primary purpose of the event is making connections.

There will be partners making 3 minute soft pitches to give attendees introductions to people of integrity in Michael's network who may provide value, but this is a connection event, not a pitch event.

Prior to the event, all attendees will have access to educational content to get up to speed on best practices to make the most of the event as well as education on the various forms of collaborations that will be created during the event.

The Guarantee: Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, guarantees that any attendee will make at least 3 valuable contacts. If you fully participate and don't achieve that, he will meet with you and personally make 3 introductions for you.

Day Three Networking Mastermind

On December 14th, there will be an exclusive networking mastermind for established businesses. Tickets for the mastermind are $1000, and you can contact Michael for more information on if you qualify to attend.

The Best Return On Time Anywhere

It was at an event like this that Michael Whitehouse went from unknown to well connected, and the goal is to provide similar results to every person who attends.

If you are established in business, you will have the opportunity to network with a wide range of peers for very profitable collaborations.

If you are newer in business, you will massively grow your network by connecting with mentors, collaborators, and many others who are at a more advanced level.

If you are in online business, this is a must attend event, and we're excited to meet you!

  • What is the schedule like at JV Connect
    The bulk of the time is efficient connection making breakouts. There are a couple of educational moments, but they are less than 5 minutes. There are no long speeches, presentations, or pitches.
  • I serve a specific group (women, youth, seniors, etc). Is this a good event for me?
    YES! JV Connect has a diverse array of business people attending who serve all kinds of audiences. You are likely to find people who serve similar demographics, and you are highly likely to find partners whose audiences contain your audience within them.
  • What level of business should I be at to attend this event?
    People at all levels of business will get great value from JV Connect. If you are well established, you will meet a great variety of other highly accomplished business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are just getting started, you will benefit from having the chance to connect with more experienced entrepreneurs from whom you can find mentorship, partnership, resources, and more.
  • What if I can only attend for a few hours?
    Even if you can only attend for a 3 or 4 hours of the event, you will get your money's worth. While we encourage everyone to attend for the whole time, even attending one or two breakouts will give you the opportunity connect with dozens of high quality, fantastic people, any one of whom could be very lucrative to get to know.

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